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Knee pain can have a huge impact on everything you do –– at work or at play, whether you struggle with cartilage decay brought on by aging or an injury from an overextended game-winning kick. Here, at your home for orthopaedics, our quality treatment helps reverse the knee conditions that hold you back.

The specialists dedicated to your knee health –– Dr. Akeson, Dr. Gibbons, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Luetkemeyer, Dr. Merkley, Dr. Mitzelfelt, Dr. Mulvey and Dr. Osuji –– are joined by our team of medical professionals, physician’s assistants, nurses and therapists. Together, we make Midwest Orthopaedic Center the destination for anyone who wants to move around better, stronger and faster.

Through restorative treatments, pain management, lifestyle adjustments, personalized therapies and reconstructive surgeries, Midwest Orthopaedic Center offers a wide range of solutions that help you extend and flex your legs with less pain and greater mobility.

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At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, our board-certified doctors specialize in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Through injections, ablations, medications, physical and occupational therapies, minimally invasive procedures and joint replacement surgeries, we consider your symptoms, diagnose your condition and pursue the course of action that best aligns with your needs.

Most knee issues arise from injuries or flare up with age. Caused by arthritis, tendonitis and chronic inflammation, degenerative conditions lead to constant pain. While athletic injuries –– like sprains, strains and tears –– can cause you to overextend the knee and experience persistent discomfort, simple acts such as running, jogging, walking or climbing staircases can also lead to a knee injury. A visit to Midwest Orthopaedic Center may help you change course, and get you moving comfortably once again.

If your knee pain is more of a nagging discomfort rather than a debilitating issue, walking short distances might be good for you –– particularly for patients with arthritis.

Walking for 30 minutes –– at a normal pace, on a flat surface in well-supported shoes –– can foster mobility and increase cartilage volume while boosting balance and strength. Light swimming and water aerobics are also good for the knees. However, pain from sudden injuries like fractures or sprains usually require rest, icing, compression and elevation for at least two days. Regardless of your injury, any pain should prompt a checkup with your doctor.

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center or our walk-in service at Midwest Ortho First, our board-certified specialists are on hand to carefully assess whatever brings you in.

If you’re unable to put any weight on your knee or experience persistent pain around the joint, then you should seek care as soon as possible.

For serious injuries, be sure to follow the RICE method –– resting, icing, compressing and elevating your knee –– before your appointment. If necessary, consider purchasing a temporary over-the-counter knee brace from your local pharmacy or convenience store to secure your knee as you go about your day.

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, we’ve seen it all, and we can provide next steps that improve your prospects for a pain-free future.

If your knee is fractured and requires prompt care, your doctor will recommend surgery to provide quick relief and a surer path to recovery. As for the persistent pain, degenerative bone decay and cartilage loss that can occur with age, your doctor may recommend a partial or total knee replacement. In reconstructing your knee with a prosthetic joint, your doctor –– who’s also a board-certified surgeon –– will reactivate your knee, allowing you to move about the world without anything holding you back.

How We Treat Your Knees

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, we want to keep your knees sturdy and strong. Starting with your first visit, our team walks you through the avenues of care, exhausting all options before pursuing surgery. From medicines to injections to physical therapy, our comprehensive knee care helps raise your comfort level.

When you need surgery, you’ll be admitted to Midwest Orthopaedic Hospital at UnityPoint Health – Proctor, where your doctor will perform the surgery for your specific issue. With our 21st-century tools –– handled by a team of professionals trained in the latest techniques –– our minimally-invasive surgeries get you up and out the door on a timeline that works for you. Over 85% of our patients are standing and walking the same day of their procedure. With that in mind, our outpatient process and minimally invasive procedures help ensure you’ll be back on your feet again as soon as possible.

After your surgery, you’ll have the option to receive physical therapy at one of our rehabilitation facilities in Peoria and Pekin. There, certified physical therapists train you on how to use your knee in the healthiest way possible. Our various therapies –– including manual, soft tissue and aquatic–– are designed to get you moving and keep you moving for many years to come.

To learn more about common orthopaedic conditions, treatments and procedures, visit OrthoInfo, a database operated by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Our Doctors

Picture of Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
hip, knee, neck, back, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Robotic Surgery, Trauma Care
Picture of Michael J. Gibbons, M.D.
Michael J. Gibbons, M.D.
knee, shoulder, Robotic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Hip & Knee Reconstruction
Picture of Brent C. Johnson, M.D.
Brent C. Johnson, M.D.
knee, shoulder, Sports Medicine
Picture of Luke Luetkemeyer, M.D.
Luke Luetkemeyer, M.D.
hip, knee, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Robotic Surgery
Picture of Michael S. Merkley, M.D.
Michael S. Merkley, M.D.
knee, shoulder, Sports Medicine
Picture of Donald A. Mitzelfelt, M.D.
Donald A. Mitzelfelt, M.D.
hip, knee, shoulder, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction
Picture of Thomas J. Mulvey, M.D.
Thomas J. Mulvey, M.D.
hip, knee, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Robotic Surgery
Picture of Chukwunenye Osuji, M.D.
Chukwunenye Osuji, M.D.
hip, knee, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Robotic Surgery, Trauma Care

Meet Our Patients

Marty Midwest Orthopaedic Patient
I'm a referring physician and a patient. Throughout my career, I worked with several different orthopaedic groups and Midwest Orthopaedic Center was the absolute best.

Dr. Marty Stachniw

A retired orthopaedic surgeon and hand, knee and shoulder patient who loves the outdoors –– from Galesburg, IL.

Jim Zilch Midwest Orthopaedic Patient
When I sit down with Dr. Mitzelfelt, it’s like sitting down with my dad or my brother –– that’s the kind of doctor that he is.

Jim Zilch

A knee replacement patient who loves boating –– from East Peoria, IL.

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, I trust Dr. Gibbons completely with my care. He's the very best there is.

A patient of Dr. Gibbons

I wish I had my surgery years ago. I've been so surprised and so elated that I have gotten that full motion back. Within six months, I was walking all around Arches National Park.

Michèle Marshall

A knee replacement patient who loves to hike –– from East Peoria, IL.

From Dr. Osuji to his staff, they're so caring. I've never had quite that kind of treatment with an operation. I would recommend everyone to go there if they have the kind of problems that I had.

Sandra Schmidgall

A hip replacement patient who loves to volunteer in her community –– from Peoria, IL.

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