Pediatric Care

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, our doctors, surgeons, physician’s assistants, nurses and the rest of our team are more than a supportive team of medical professionals. We’re a family dedicated to helping yours.

Through our pediatric care –– led by Dr. Akeson, Dr. Mulconrey and Dr. O’Leary –– our board-certified specialists aim to provide a level of care that keeps your child’s orthopaedic issue from impacting their growth. We know how to treat the pain they’re experiencing, and our care will help relieve the worries of parents, guardians and loved ones.

So, make yourself at home at Midwest Orthopaedic Center, where your family’s comfort is our specialty.

pediatric care

How Pediatric Orthopaedics Helps Your Family

At Midwest Orthopaedic Center, we provide pediatric care for children experiencing issues like:

    • Back pain
    • Birth defects & abnormalities
    • Bone or joint infections & tumors
    • Bowed legs
    • Cerebral palsy-related musculoskeletal problems
    • Clubfoot
    • Congenital muscular problems
    • Deformities of the spine or limbs
    • Dislocations, broken bones, sprains & strains
    • Down Syndrome-related musculoskeletal problems
    • Limb-length discrepancy
    • Limping & other gait abnormalities
    • Hip or knee pain & instability
    • Muscle & ligament irregularities or weaknesses
    • Neck pain
    • Scoliosis

Our doctors prescribe treatments and therapies that help children overcome pain and make adjustments to live more comfortably with permanent conditions –– without letting the conditions define them. As much as possible, we provide a level of care that keeps your child’s orthopaedic issue from impacting their growth.

When deeper intervention is needed, our surgical center at Midwest Orthopaedic Hospital at UnityPoint Health – Proctor will accommodate your child’s needs. Dr. Akeson, Dr. Mulconrey and Dr. O’Leary are pediatric spine surgeons with years of experience, providing lasting solutions to younger patients. Our hospital facility gives our doctors the most advanced tools available, allowing them to handle operative fracture care, standard surgeries and robotic-assisted techniques with safety and precision.

Following their operation, the doctor may recommend physical therapy at Midwest Orthopaedic Center. Our facility is staffed by licensed therapists and assistants and equipped with a weight room, gymnasium and heated pool. With these tools, we help your child improve their strength and skills so they can move past their limitations to live their best, most active life.

Our Doctors

Picture of Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
hip, knee, neck, back, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Robotic Surgery, Trauma Care
Picture of Daniel Mulconrey, M.D.
Daniel Mulconrey, M.D.
neck, back, Pediatric Orthopaedics
Picture of Patrick O’Leary, M.D.
Patrick O’Leary, M.D.
neck, back, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Robotic Surgery

Meet Our Patients

Dr. Mulconrey changed my quality of life after my neck surgery! Before, I was in pain all the time and now it's only about 10%. I didn't even realize how much pain I was in until it was gone. I'm a very happy patient and would never hesitate to see him again if I need to.

A patient of Dr. Mulconrey

Mark Midwest Orthopaedic Patient
After having a severe spinal injury and being told I may never walk again, 85 percent of the time I'm now walking without a cane. Without Dr. Mulconrey, I would be wheelchair-bound. Dr. Mulconrey's welcome at my dinner table anytime.

Mark Fleming

A spine patient who loves to grill –– from Laura, IL.

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